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Informationen zu Schnupper- oder Kursterminen erhalten Sie nach Anmeldung für unseren Newsletter (Menü links).

Anfragen rund um das Thema Mitgliedschaft richten Sie bitte an office@ruderclub-graz.at


Thank you for visiting our webpage.

Unfortunately we are only able to provide all information on this website in German, but we are happy to answer all of your questions in English via email. Please contact us at office@ruderclub-graz.at.

For experienced rowers only:
If you are a certified rower (if you have a certification, please bring it with you) and are interested in rowing with us during your visit to Graz , please contact us via email. We do not have a visitor program, but we can ask our certified club members to take you out on a row. Please note that this is based on the availability of our members, as they volunteer for it.


Unser Bootshaus befindet sich  in der .

Bitte beachten Sie die designierten Parkplätze des ruder club graz in der Eichbachgasse.